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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Toolbelt

Here's a list of apps and tools that I use on a regular basis. There will be more to come when I get a chance to blog again:

Newly added:

Cirrus Quick Links is an administrator productivity tool that provides easy access to some of the administration areas within that you use most.

Wizard interface for creating data loader config files to run from the command line. Thanks to Ezra Kenigsberg for posting this on his blog.

Cloud Converter
Automates process of migrating from existing applications to, including Lotus Notes and Excel spreadsheets
Automatically reads metadata and configures new objects on
Great for CRM and non-CRM applications alike

The Inspector
Check out which objects and fields are being used.
See what percentage of records are populated with data for each field
Store results of your findings and trend changes over time Explorer - This handy tool lets you browse your database schema, custom objects and fields, and build and test SOQL queries. It can also generate a simple schema report.

Merge even the largest Chatter Groups together, preserving membership, posts, comments, and likes
Easily copy a Chatter Group, preserving membership and (optionally) posts/comments/likes
Mass add users from any source Group, role, or profile into any destination Group

Notepad ++ - Beefed up free text editor.

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